Spider Vein Removal

Hide sightly veins with Vbeam Candela

A new generation of laser technology that transforms your skin in minutes with no downtime. Remove spider veins, the thin red lines or weblike networks of blood vessels that appear on your legs and feet.

Described by physicians as a tremendous leap in technology, this FDA approved treatment has been awarded some of the the industry’s most coveted awards, including the American Spa’s Professional Choice Award of 2019 and Ella magazine’s 2019 Future of Beauty award, which recognizes the most exciting innovations in skin care and more. The V-Beam laser treats rosacea, port wine stains, dilated blood vessels, spider and cherry angiomas, stretch marks, keloid scars and superficial leg veins. Utilizing a wavelength that selectively targets blood vessels, the laser collapses them with heat. An Integrated Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD) emits a short cooling spray just before each laser pulse, making the surface of the skin cooler and more comfortable while protecting the skin from the heat of the laser.

Vbeam Candela Laser

Vbeam Candela delivers long-pulse, high-energy, pulse dye lasers into targeted areas of the skin reducing the appearance of scars, birthmarks, redness, portwine and more.

Do Vbeam Candela Treatments Hurt?
Numbing cream isn’t used for this treatment because it can make treatment more difficult, but most clients experience very little discomfort and describe the treatment as very tolerable.

How Long Are The Treatments?
Each treatment lasts just a few minutes depending on the size of the area

Are There Any Side Effects?
You may experience redness, mild swelling, or puffiness lasting a few days. While bruising is less likely, it does happen occasionally and can last up to a week.

How Many Treatments Are Required?
We typically recommend 4 treatments spaced 4 weeks apart, then maintenance treatments every 6 months; however, since every body is unique, your Vbeam Candela specialist will determine your personal treatment schedule.

How Soon Will I See Results?
For spot treatments, most clients see results after the first treatment. For treatments of larger areas, it may take longer to begin seeing noticeable results.

Good riddance, redness and scars…