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Semi Permanent Cosmetics and Microblading

Semi Permanent Cosmetics including Tatoo Eyeliner, Hairline Scalp Micropigmentation and Ombré Microblading for beautifully defined eyebrows.

Classic and Extreme Lash Extensions

Classic are the lash extensions we’ve all grown to love, applied in the “classic” one-to-one method. Results vary on length and strength of natural lashes as well as how many natural lashes are lashable. One extension per one natural lash (1:1 ratio).

Extreme include ultra thin individual extensions are strategically fanned out and placed onto a single natural lash. Adds fullness without adding weight. Can be tailored from natural to dramatic depending on the desired look and health of the natural lash. Multiple extensions per one natural lash (2-6:1 ratio).

*Existing Clients Fill: Enjoy up to 17 days from your last fill with Nerissa. After 17 days, there will be an extra charge of $15 on your fill. After 5 weeks, you will be charged a new full set. Please schedule accordingly. If you’ve gone to get a fill from other salon in between fills with Nerissa please schedule – New Client Fill, NO EXCEPTIONS! Thank you for understanding.

Skin Tag or Wart Removal

Using electrocautery to remove unsightly skin tags or warts leaving the skin flawless.


Intuitive Massage

Intuitive Massage
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