The 5 Best Skin Serums

Choosing Which One is Right for You

What is a serum? Why is incorporating a serum in your skin care routine so important? Serums are thinner and more potent formulas vs. lotions or creams. Due to their molecular structure they have the ability to penetrate deeper into the skin and help with various different skin conditions. At Natural Rejuvenation MedSpa we use IS Clinical’s skin care line. Their serums are concentrated combination of potent botanical ingredients that are effective and friendly to the skin. What is the right serum for your skin condition?

1. Active Serum Age Defying, Anti-blemish, Brightening

2. White Lightening Serum Targeting Brightening, Revitalizing, Fast Acting

3. Pro-heal Serum Restorative, Super Antioxidant, Reparative

4. Super Serum Age-Defying, Super Antioxidant, Brightening

5. Hydra-cool Serum Hydrating, Soothing, Anti-blemish