RealTalk with Medical Director, Janina Browne

#RealTalk with our Medical Director, Janina Browne, PA-C:

I did a little something that helped boost my confidence quite a bit, because lately it’s been at an all time low! I reflected on what confidence means to me – and it means being secure in my identity, who God says I am (turns out, I’m royalty👸) and embracing the unique journey I’m on, failures, flaws, triumphs and all.

I was reminded not to compare, not to think I am better or worse than others. Then I mustered up a lot of courage, I showed up and got some amazing photos (including boudoir photos 😳)taken with the very talented photographer, @dijanaszewczyk @portlandheadshots

Well let’s just say after all that, I am bursting with confidence and self-love. I think to keep doing what I do as a medical provider, a mom, and to be more compassionate to others, I need more compassion for myself, because Lord knows I’m my hardest critic.

– Janina Browne, PA-C