Have crepe under eye wrinkles? Severe sun damage? Red and ruddy skin tone? Dehydrated skin? Feel like you haven’t slept since you became a parent? That was me. The worst skin ever, as you can see, and Naomi gave me a new face and a whole new level of confidence.

Michelle Lacombe

Review for ACCUFIT My journey with muscle stimulation started after the lockdown. I lost so much muscle. Muscle that I worked hard for with hours in the gym. My first experience was cool tone. This is EMS. I felt it helped. Then the provider switched to Emsculpt. They told me this was more advanced. A stronger machine. I felt the results were good as well. But Emsculpt was more expensive , almost twice as much as cool tone. Then I received a text message from Natural Rejuvenation Medspa for accufit. I did my research on google. This is a 3rd generation muscle stimulation device. I LOVED IT! It felt like the best glute workout I have ever had. With the EMS machines, I would literally brace my self for the contraction. This is so much more pleasant. The price is also lower than both of those machines. As far as I know Natural Rejuvenation med spa is the ONLY provider for Accufit in the Seattle area.